[Style Files] Audrey Hepburn in “Paris When it Sizzles”

While it is one of her lesser known and lesser acclaimed films, I still find Paris When It Sizzles to be one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn films. It doesn’t have the same emotional punch as say, Roman Holiday, or the iconic feel of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but it’s a fun movie. If you’re hauled up in bed for whatever reason, and you just want a happy romantic comedy to make you smile, then Paris When It Sizzles is perfect. It’s the second movie Hepburn made with William Holden, and while she married and moved on from their Sabrina affair, you can definitely still tell they had chemistry. Hepburn plays Gabrielle Simpson, a temp secretary while Holden plays Richard Benson, a Hollywood screenwriter. Benson, who was given an advance on his unwritten screenplay, has been partying around Paris, and with two days until the deadline has nothing written. Not a page, not a word, not even the vague concept of a plot. He hires Simpson to type while he thinks, and the screenplay begins to mirror their own attracticion for each other. It’s totally cheesy, but it’s fun and full of random cameos. Plus, Hepburn’s fashion, designed by her lifelong friend, Givenchy, is a total dream of pastel colors and feminine cuts. If anything, her style from the movie has become fairly recognizable, whether it’s the pea green suit, the girlish pink dress, the orange dress of the screenplay heroine, or the bathtub scene (and her interesting poodle hair). I’d love to be wearing any of these outfits waltzing around Europe, and I feel like you could still wear them today without seeming dated. My particular favorite is the tangerine sorbet colored dress that the fictional version of Gabrielle wears throughout the film.




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Words by Samantha, Images via The Fashion of Audrey

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