[Style Files] Adriana Ugarte in El Tiempo Entre Costuras

If all you think of when you think, “Spanish television” are telenovelas, filled with cheesy close-ups, dramatic scenarios, and questionable acting, then I can’t totally blame you. In terms of the silver screen, Spanish (and I mean Spanish-language) televisions aren’t exactly known for being high quality in any aspects. However,  you might begin to change your mind if you take the time to watch Atenna 3’s “El tiempo entre costuras” or “The Time in Between.” Entertainment Weekly compares it to “Downton Abbey,” and while it has nothing to with the lives of a British aristocratic family, the high quality of the production may be the key link. My favorite part, though, is the style of main lead, Adriana Ugarte.

Adriana Ugarte in El Tiempo Entre Costuras

If you can be patient enough to read subtitles (or, hey, can understand Spanish fluently), you will fall in love with “El tiempo entre costuras,” and I promise you Sira Quiroga will be on your list of eternal style inspirations. I won’t go too much into the plot of the story (think Spain, Morocco, 1930’s, Spanish Civil War, intrigue, spying, romance), but rather I’d like to focus on the character of Sira and how her style reflects her changing life and journey.
Adriana Ugarte in El Tiempo Entre CosturasShe begins as a seamstress in Madrid, living a small life and getting ready to marry a small town (small city?) fellow when a smooth talking man comes in and sweeps her off her feet. They move to Morocco, he wastes away her money, ditches her with all the bills, and by the time the main plot begins, Sira is penniless, still ill from a miscarriage, heartbroken, and stranded in Tetuan because of the Spanish Civil War. This is the kind of glamorous spy story that will have you interested and keep you from rolling your eyes. Sira’s clothes portray her constant movement, her grace, and her ability to dress for the occasion. Between her and her best friend, Rosalind Fox (who is actually a real person), you have enough style inspiration to last for years to come.


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Words by Samantha Elisabeth, Images courtesy of Antena 3

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