[Style Files] Anna Karina

I stumbled across Anna Karina via one of my favorite style blogs, A Clothes Horse, when she recreated an outfit from one of Karina’s most famous photographs. I liked the look, so I began to look more into this actress. Over all, my knowledge of French films is pretty nonexistent. I’ve only really seen a few of Audrey Tautou’s films,and know vaguely of Brigitte Bardot’s.  When I’m in the States, one of my goals will be to try and watch more of them.

First on my list are Anna Karina films, if only for her style! It’s French New Wave, and it’s as much about the clothes as it is about the person wearing them. Realistically, all of Karina’s fashion choices below, when broken down, are pretty simple. Written on paper it can sound as much like your local librarian’s work wardrobe as it could one of France’s movie style icons. However, that’s where the attitude comes in! She makes these clothes work in a much different way than a stereotypical librarian. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw somewhere that Zooey Deschanel took a few style cues from her!

[Style Files] Anna Karina

Karina herself is actually Danish, but hitchhiked to Paris when she was around seventeen after fighting with her mother. She learned French at the cinema and was discovered sitting at Les Deux Magots. She would go on to be a fashion model. In fact, it was Coco Chanel herself that encouraged her to change her name to Anna Karina from Hanne Blarke. She then went onto to have a multifaceted career, becoming a muse for Jean-Luc Godard, collaborating with Serge Gainsbourg, writing novels, putting out two albums, and more.


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Are you a fan? What movie should I start with?

Words by Samantha, Photos via links listed above

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