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Unless otherwise notice via links or notes, There She Goes Again owns all property related to this website, including photographs and text. In terms of personal photography, you may use the pictures provided you link back to this website as the source. If you would like to edit it or reproduce it in anyway (such as adding text and altering for your own purpose), please let me know via e-mail at samantha@thereshegoesagain.org.


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As the author, I reserve any and all rights to do with There She Goes Again as a I wish.


There She Goes Again occasionally works with advertisers and sponsors to provide content I feel would benefit my readers. This means I can make money off of clicks or I work with a brand for product and/or monetary exchange. Sponsors will be disclosed within post and on social media with a disclosure note or #sponsored.

We also occasionally monetize with outbound product links via Booking.com and ShopStyle.

There She Goes Again does not take any responsibility for advertisers or sponsors on this website. Any issues with aforementioned sponsors should be resolved with them. However, I should hope that future advertisers and sponsors are in line with my own moral code and should that prove otherwise, I do wish to be contacted about any ongoing issues.


Any e-mail, letter, or social media message (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest) is automatically under my ownership. It is assumed that I am allowed to share the letter in further publications whether in a blog post or otherwise without compensation of any sort. Of course, if it is truly a private question, please let me know initially, and beyond this site, I will do you the courtesy of contacting you to let you know I will be using parts of the letter (with due credit, of course).
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