Irsia BnB in Kuala Lumpur

While we were looking for hostels in Kuala Lumpur, nothing really stood out to us. However, since we were travelling on a budget, Irsia BnB seemed like a good option. As a budget hostel, there was nothing impressive – (you get what you paid for, which is the bare minimum), but it wasn’t uncomfortable or unbearable during our five night stay.

Bed: We had a single and a double bed which came with a blanket we obviously didn’t need. Comfort-wise, it was okay. Not bad, but nothing worth talking about.


Bathroom: It was a communal bathroom with three stalls. One was just a shower, and the other two had a toilet and a shower, but in one of them the shower was broken. We also couldn’t get the hot water to work in any of them, but it wasn’t uncomfortable because Malaysia is so hot.

Other Notes: Has a nice little outdoor area. The room was very bare bones, and the AC didn’t work too well. There was mold on the roof near the shower area due to extreme humidity. Definitely double check your room is clean when you walk in.

Host: I didn’t talk to the staff too much, but they were friendly.

Location: Close to big shopping malls (Times Square and Pavilion), eating districts (Jalan Alor, Petaling St.), and very close to Imbi Station.

Price: For five nights it was $164 CAD or ~$117 USD.

Where to Book: We used There was no booking fee or deposit needed. Also check out their website here.

Overall Rating: 6.5-7/10

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Review and Photographs by Maggie

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