[Style Files] Love Story’s New England Style

For the record, there are some minor spoilers, and while I think any movie over five years old shouldn’t need one, here’s your warning.

So…. It just got pretty cold in Korea, and my mind is turning from pretty dresses to how best to stay warm without turning into a marshmallow. One of my favorite movie inspirations is Love Story.

Now, I grew up seeing snippets and images of Ali MacGraw as Jenny Cavalleri in various fashion magazines, and even in Now and Then, but I didn’t watch it until probably my early teens. In the middle of my romantic angst stage, I was eager to see a film that apparently required theaters to have tissues on hand it was so tragically sad. I was ready to fall in love, sob at the unfairness, and then earnestly hope for a similar relationship only with no one dying. I was sorely disappointed by it. That said, while I wouldn’t be inclined to watch this movie again, it was a visual feast in terms of clothes, actors, and setting. Is there really any other quintessential New England movie? I mean, almost fifty years later, and I could still picture the style and setting being relevant today. From the miniskirts, the camel coats, the Nantucket-esque summer sequence, the plaid scarfs, the shades of maroon, the shiny, smooth hair… Ali MacGraw’s New England style is pretty timeless. For this Style File, I rounded up some of my favorite images in an effort to embrace the coming winter.





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Written by Samantha, Movie Stills from Listal, Vogue, and Glamamor

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