Post Travel Detox

I haven’t always had a solid-post travel detox ritual but after graduation, one of my goals was to take better care of my skin and hair now while I’ve still got that whole youth thing on my side. I’m already seeing some damage from years of swimming outside, so I’m trying to fix/prevent it from getting worse. Over the past year or so I’ve begun to try and create a ritual for whenever I return from a trip. Whether it’s a road trip or a vacation or a business convention, here’s my to-do!

Immediately do some yoga!

Gripe all you want about how yoga isn’t a good workout for you, yadada. It’s the perfect thing to do right after getting back from traveling. I go on Youtube and find fairly simple videos from around 20-30 minutes. You can do an intense one (like “fat burning yoga” or “yoga meltdown”!), but I was exhausted so I opted for a lighter routine. By the time I was done, I had stretched out my back and legs and all the muscles that had tensed up during the drive.

Prepare hair & face masks.

Whatever you want to use, use it. Pre-brought, DIY, whatever. I made a hair mask from an egg, 1/2 cup of milk, juice from half an orange, and 2 T of olive oil. For my face, I just mixed plain yogurt and oatmeal.

Make a cup of green tea.

In the summers I have unsweetened iced green tea in my fridge, so I just pour that into a water bottle to have with me. In the winters, I make a fresh cup. You could easily do any sort of detox water or just water, but try to keep it without any bad sugars.

Light a candle.

In the area you’re relaxing, light a calming candle. I’m obsessed with lavender, so I have a great one I always light. As you get everything together, it’ll start filling the room with its scent!

Put in hair mask.

Do a hair mask if you’re preparing to take a bath or shower, and make sure you do it in the tub/bathroom because it’s pretty messy. I put it in my dry hair and then sweep it up in a plastic cap. Anything extra in the tub just goes down the drain.

Take a bath!

Use baking soda and Epsom salts to really get the body to sweat out toxins. You can also add some essential oil (mine was lavender). The key is to stay in for at least 30-40 minutes. If you don’t have a bathtub, fill up a bucket with warm water and at least soak your feet for a bit.

Wash face & put on face mask.

While in the tub or before your foot bath, wash your face. I used to use my Clarisonic and some Clean & Clear face wash, and now I use an exfoliating scrub and face wash from Innisfree. Once you’ve patted your face dry, put on a face mask. You can DIY an oatmeal and honey mask or use any product you like. I’ve really enjoyed LUSH’s face masks (unfortunately too expensive to get in Korea) and a face mask from Innsfree.

Stay in tub for at least 40 minutes.

Enjoy it! Just decompress. Watch a show, read, listen to music. Whatever you find most relaxing. I was catching up on my TV shows while I laid in the tub or rested my feet.


Okay, so now for clean-up. Rinse off your face (with water from the faucet in the tub) while you’re draining. Then exfoliate your whole body. I use Italy cloths, which are basically amazing. Your skin will be soft after laying in the tub, so it’s perfect to get a layer of dead skin off with the rough cloths. I then use some typically use a harsher scrub and scrub everything until my skin feels soft.

Rinse it all off.

Shower as normal, taking care to wash my hair extra to get the mask out. Once you’re dried off, lather yourself in lotion, grab your coziest clothes, and hop into bed for some sleep.

A guide to detoxing after a long trip or vacation with lots of tips to feel energetic and to avoid feeling sluggish post travel.

Words By Samantha, Photo by David Mao via Unsplash

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