15 Travel Coloring Books to Inspire Wanderlust

Something I really got into while living in Korea was coloring. Intricate coloring books are quite trendy now, but they were extremely popular with Koreans well before they started showing up as Buzzfeed listicles. If you watched “The Producers (프로듀사)”, you may have seen IU frequently coloring in Johanna Basford’s beautiful Secret Garden book.

I just love the idea of them. They force me to be more creative, help me destress, and get my eyes off of a screen for a bit. I went a little coloring book crazy in my two years, feeling an urge to buy every single one I came across. Travel coloring books are especially appealing because I also found new places to add to my wanderlist! You may have also noticed I added them to my 2015 and 2016 gift guides :p

If you’re still looking to find a fun holiday present, I rounded up 15 travel coloring books I found browsing the internet! I already bought one of them when I was shopping for some craft supplies, and all my books from Korea finally arrived a week ago. If I start randomly disappearing from social media, you’ll know where I am :p Click the photo to find out more information.

I also grabbed these colored pencils when I was in AC Moore, but I had these slightly fancier ones while I was in Korea in case you were wondering what kind to get!

How about you? Which one of these would you choose? What travel coloring books or coloring books in general do you recommend? 


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