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First and foremost, we’re kind of in love with travel. The thought of waking up in a new destination will always excite us in that starry-eyed way. Planes still feel glamorous, even if we’re stuck between a crying baby and restless sleeper. Learning a few new phrases or getting a chance to see the local side of a city will forever be interesting.

We like to travel a little differently, though. We’re not that into shoestring backpacking. The thought of sharing a room with ten other strangers sounds exhausting, and we don’t like counting every penny while on the road. However, we still gawk at first class or luxury suite prices. How much for one night?!

We believe in balance. If we want to splurge on a fancy restaurant, we don’t mind budgeting a little in other areas of our lives. We don’t want to country hop every other week. Rather we’d like to stay in one place for a while. We like to know where we’re headed when we travel.

Slow travel is our answer. We’d much prefer to stay in one place for a little longer and really roam the streets, maybe even get to know a barista or two by name. Take a train ride instead and see the views. Better yet, we love a good road trip.


Truthfully? The song. The “she” is for the women who read this blog, for me, the founder, and as a personification of whatever you want to call that itch to explore. Travel bug, wanderlust, you name it.

I first came up with the name when I started a study abroad blog in 2012. I was also watching episodes “Pan Am” on repeat and working part time for a company that loves the idea of a jet setter. This was probably when my interest in fashion started to shift towards travel.

In my mind, I pictured a perfectly self-assured woman who traveled when she wanted to and looked incredibly stylish while doing it. She booked that Airbnb for a whole month, kept a lightly stocked fridge and fresh flowers on the table, all while getting wonderfully lost in back alleys and little towns nearby. She was escaping to the world.


I’m Samantha, the founder of this site. I am nowhere near the woman I just described above, but she’s a bit of an ultimate goal for me.

I love exploring new countries, and I love just getting lost in one. If I could, I’d just move countries every year, live somewhere far away from their capital, and spend the year traveling around and getting to know everything locally.

I studied English and Spanish at university (with a little minor in business because why not), and I love a good story. If I stayed in one place for longer than I do, I’d get a cat and name him Byron. I also prefer tea over coffee.


There are three other people I absolutely cannot forget on this page.

Nicole | Nicole is a monthly contributor to There She Goes Again, and a fantastic photographer and photo editor to boot. She studied graphic design at university and currently lives in Korea.

Elissa | Elissa is a longtime friend and patient travel buddy. She often helps me catch embarrassing grammar faux pas and helps me with taking photos when we travel together. She’s also incredibly organized in her travel research!

Job | Job created this logo! He’s an incredibly talented artist, and you can check out his work here.