Where She Stayed

Whether it’s luxury hotels or exceptional hostels, I’m extremely picky about where I stay. I enjoy privacy (so no 20-bed dorm for me!), and I love good customer service. As this site has grown, I’ve been lucky to collaborate with accommodations in various cities, but my opinions will always remain my own. Trust me  I will be just as honest if I have an amazing time and honest if I have a horrible time. Check out all the different reviews of where I’ve stayed below.

  • Want a piece of comfortable luxury in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world? Check into the lovely Hotel Elysée in New York City.
    Hotel Elysée in New York City
  • Staying at an Airbnb in Cape Town
  • The Rittenhouse, World Class Luxury in Historic Philadelphia
  • Seoul Mansion Review, A Lovely Guesthouse in Busy Hongdae
  • Hotel Maui DDM Review
  • Check out the latest in Where She Stayed-- Holiday Inn Gwangju. Fun exterior, a ton of amenities, and, my favorite, a waterfall showerhead! #sponsored
    Holiday Inn Gwangju in Korea
  • Guys, GUYS. The Chillhouse DOES live up to the hype. Check out an in depth review of my week at this amazing retreat in Bali and get ready to fall in love!
    The Chillhouse in Bali: A True Retreat
  • Check out the review of our stay at the Sea Pearl Hotel in Catba island. Spoiler, it was our least favorite of all four places we stayed in Vietnam.
    Sea Pearl Hotel in Catba
  • Salute Hotel and Villa in Hoi An
  • A little review our Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam accommodation, Lily's Hostel, and what you can expect from your stay. Tucked away, it's the perfect place!
    Lily's Hostel in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Looking for budget accommodation in Kuala Lumpur? Check out Maggie's review of Irsia Bnb, and decide if it sounds good for your travels!
    Irsia BnB in Kuala Lumpur
  • Check out our review of Stay With Me Guesthouse! This is the place we stayed at for four nights while in Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Stay With Me Guesthouse in Chiang Mai
  • Check out our review of Glur Hostel in Krabi, a lovely, budget friendly place with beautiful, colorful decor and gorgeous nearby scenery.
    Glur Hostel in Krabi
  • Check out our quick guide to Siem Reap, based on our experience traveling and staying in the city. Figure out what to do and how!
    Happy Guesthouse in Siem Reap
  • Check out our review of the lovely Udee Bangkok Hostel, a clean and simple hostel and a short walk from the Chatuchak Weekend Market. 
    Udee Bangkok Hostel
  • Wondering where to stay in Seoul? Check out this beautiful studio in Gangnam. We booked through Airbnb and had a lovely time in a very cute apartment!
    Lovely & Cozy Studio in Gangnam